Breathe Art is owned and operated by Visual Artist Keshida Layone. All works of art are created by Keshida Layone. Layone started Breathe Art for the purpose of presenting modern art into the hands of all people. Making his work accessible  enough for all people to be able to own a piece of nature, hold a piece of space and time forever. Breathe Art dipicts the lust of life as dreamy and emotional, But also has the aspects of diving deep into mysterious and unknown depths.

Layone plays with reality and fantasy. Skilled in Mediums of Watercolor, Acrylics, crayon, Spray paint, Collage, pencils, and more. Fascinated by varied matters include the African diaspora, endangered animals, flowers and plant life and so much more.  In addition to painting Layone is a creative consultant working in many industries developing business’s and partnerships for new companies. Some of these companies have been CleverReach, Debut Art, and most recently Cultura Creative.